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CXC Medical a division of CXC is a full service marketing agency which specializes in Custom Websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Hosting & Maintenance, Branding and Community Outreach (Using Novertising). We believe in getting your company the right amount of exposure to grow and enhance your practice.

Our company made a commitment to our customers. We promised we’d had enough of technically brilliant but bland marketing. We’d had enough of web sites that in no way reflected a company’s true message. We were tired of seeing marketing products that didn’t fit into a business’s larger marketing strategies. More importantly, the companies and businesses (Our Clients) were sick of the same things.

Custom Websites: Our staff gets to know each company so that we can offer content and design that suits the company – not a generic idea of the industry. Whatever the scope of each project we create a solution that is designed to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimization: A creative but badly-designed web site won’t get results – any more than an uninspiring technically perfect site will. That’s why we hire creative types and tech geeks who work together to create projects that are both functional and exciting.

Hosting & Maintenance: No outsourcing to overseas companies that can’t be overseen carefully. No more hassles and frustration.

Branding: A solid branding strategy is so much more than just a logo, or clever text. It’s the core values of an organization illustrated through creative design, bringing forth a clear and concise message to consumers. It is YOUR identity that must be “branded” into people’s mind.

Community Outreach (Novertising): Novertising is the art of advertising without advertising. It is using unconventional methods to seek out conventional goals. Novertising is the primary source of marketing for any medical professional.

custom websites

Custom Websites


Search Engine Optimization



Community Outreach

Community Outreach

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